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Frequently asked questions

What is WILCO?

WILCO is a mobile app for the GA community. It makes it easy to stay connected, share the passion, discover, learn more from each other, and create more flying opportunities.


WILCO’s founder has been flying for over four decades and spent his career in commercial aviation. He believes that GA deserves its own mobile platform to build and strengthen the GA community through fun, useful features and meaningful content.
WILCO is social at its core but the intent is to incorporate features and functionality that take it beyond a social app. Competency, safety, proficiency and mentorship will all figure prominently in WILCO’s future.

How can I be part of the WILCO?

Creating your account is easy:

  1. Download WILCO from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Choose to Sign Up, fill in your full name and your role(s) in the GA community, and then tap on Next.
  3. Then enter your email, set your password.
  4. New users should then set up their Profile… and that’s it!

Do I have to be a pilot to use WILCO?

WILCO is hoping to embrace the entire GA landscape – pilots, A&Ps, controllers, airport managers, GA businesses etc – but we are starting with a focus on GA pilots. We welcome non-pilots and future pilots!

What can I do in WILCO?

  • Learn, share, discover
  • Build your GA network, stay connected, and informed
  • Help maintain proficiency and keep your aviation knowledge sharp
  • Create flying opportunities and fly with purpose
  • Create a curated feed based on your preferred airports
  • Post info, announcements, questions, requests, flight info, photos, flight tracks
  • Stay connected with your flying communities and find or create new ones

What is planned for future versions of WILCO?

Coming very soon:

  • Searchable #hashtags will allow users to tailor subject matter in their posts and facilitate searches and filtering
  • DM capability to reach out to other WILCO users


Coming soon:

  • Additional enhancements to your curated feed (‘My feed’) – eg, curate by preferred aircraft type and by communities and organizations you identify in your profile
  • Video capability
  • Make direct connections with other pilots.

Do I have to pay to use WILCO?

WILCO is for free! Download it from here for App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and start using WILCO now!

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