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WILCO is a mobile app for the GA community

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WILCO can help pilots with these goals:

Stay connected with your primary flying community

Public and private groups

Search people, communities and content

Direct messages

Personalized feed

Flight tracks

Airport geolocation

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Fly Safely,

Fly with Purpose.

Personal minimums

Last flight review

Proficiency notes

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Connect with mentors and your CFIs

Set proficiency challenges

WILCO can help flying community managers with these goals:

I manage
a flight school
a flight club
an airport association
and I would like to see:
  • More students
  • A higher solo / certificate completion rate
  • A higher pilot / client retention rate
  • Higher aircraft utilization
  • A high level of pilot proficiency
  • More members
  • More flight hours
  • A high level of pilot proficiency
  • Informed and energized local pilots
  • Greater use of airport resources
  • A high level of pilot proficiency

Inform and motivate your team

Communications platform

Learning content

Upcoming events

Proficiency tools

Calendar Coming soon!

Growing the GA Community one app download at a time

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