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What we do

WILCO is a mobile app for the GA community. It makes it easy to stay connected, share the passion and discover! WILCO users will learn from each other, grow their GA networks and create more flying opportunities.

Fly more, fly better!

We offer a digital platform where you’ll be able to create and find General Aviation communities – all from your smatphone, on schedule. Stregthen your connections and even build new relationships in the community.

WILCO allows you to share your flying experiences, learn from others and even ask for feedback to continue improving your skills. Share your passion and find more flying opportunies.

All of which should lead to an increase in GA flying!

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Why we created WILCO

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WILCO’s founder has been flying for over four decades and spent his career in commercial aviation. He has felt strongly for several years that GA deserves its own mobile platform to build and strengthen the GA community through fun, useful features and meaningful content. It is where GA pilots, enthusiasts and other industry participants can connect, stay
informed and find meaningful GA content.

WILCO will keep GA strong, connected and vibrant.

Most GA members belong to several communties that live in different places. Keeping engaged and updated with all the activity going on on each on them is a time-consuming process.

WILCO was built to be the place where GA pilots, industry participants, supporters, and enthusiasts find everything they need that is aviation related.

WILCO will keep GA strong, growing, connected and vibrant.

Where does WILCO go from here?

Where are we ahead?

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This is a journey.

Today, WILCO is social at its core but the intent is to incorporate features and functionality that take it beyond a social app. Competency, safety, proficiency and mentorship will all figure prominently in WILCO’s future.

And your inputs are important – we want to hear from our users!

We are working on building a mobile app that contains social, community and proficiency aspects. WILCO would not be just for fun, it will be substantive resource for you.

Questions? Feedback?

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Our team will be glad to help you and respond as soon as possible.