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We are passionate about GA

What we do

WILCO is a mobile app for the GA community. It makes it easy to stay connected, explore and share our passion for flying! WILCO users will learn from each other, grow their GA networks and create more flying opportunities. WILCO also helps pilots stay focused on their proficiency.

Our mission is also to help flying communities such as flight schools, flying clubs and small airport communities attract, maintain and retain an active pilot population. 

Fly more, fly better!

Why we created WILCO

WILCO’s founder has been flying for over four decades and spent his career in commercial aviation. He has been a renter and owner of GA aircraft and a flight instructor and he has seen firsthand the challenges of keeping pilots engaged, active and proficient.

For several years, he has felt strongly that GA deserves its own mobile platform to build and strengthen GA communities of all kinds through useful features and meaningful content. WILCO is where GA pilots can connect, discover, stay informed and help them fly with purpose.

Keep GA Strong and Vibrant

This is our journey.

Where does WILCO go from here?

When originally designed, WILCO was largely a social and networking app but increasingly we saw an opportunity to build an effective communications and engagement platform that can help keep pilots flying regularly and safely.

We also want users to move easily between and amongst their flying communities.  Typically, GA pilots have a primary community that helps get us airborne, whether it’s a flight school, a flying club or an airport association. WILCO affords a specific feed for your primary community to help you stay informed and connected. But you can also easily explore, discover and join new communities to help you expand your flying horizons. It is our belief and hopes that having these communities in one place and easily accessible will allow you to build your own vibrant GA community and keep you coming back to WILCO.

Going forward, WILCO will add additional features to make the app more meaningful as a communications platform for flying communities and members. We will also continue to build out proficiency tools including private connections and exchanges with your designated CFIs or mentors.

Growing the GA Community one app download at a time

Questions? Feedback?

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